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Genre: Pop

(Brussels, BE)

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"Singer-songwriter from Brussels, Alice sings about her moods and her generational questions. 

She studied music at the jazz studio in Antwerp before launching her solo project a few years later. She released a first purely acoustic EP in 2016 which allowed her to play three consecutive years at the Francofolies de Spa (2017, 2018 and 2019) or at the Ancienne Belgique and the Botanique. In 2021, she makes her comeback with "Élan", a second EP, which signs her evolution but especially a will to dash towards new horizons. With sounds still tinged with intimist texts but this time resolutely pop with an electro touch in the productions. 

She is now back with her new single "Seule", co-produced by Le Manou and Durbuy Music and extracted from her upcoming sophomore album "Génération Y". The latter will be released in 2023 and will address the identity crisis of the passage from twenty to thirty. "Seule" illustrates an inner dialogue and highlights the feeling of not knowing what you want or who you are anymore, through the mourning of a love relationship."  



Le Manou


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