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Durbuy Music is more than often contacted by events organizers looking for acts to perform at their events.


Through the Durbuy Music Booking program, we seek to be the "matchmaker" between artists and organizers. That's why we are launching applications to join a "roster" of partners that we will provide to future organizers reaching out to us to find acts.

From concert halls to restaurants, there is always a ton of activity in the region of Durbuy, and a lot of places looking for performers.

Whether you're in a cover band, or a solo artists, if you're available and think you're fitted for the job, send us your "application" to (a short description of your project, the place where you come from, some photos and videos if possible, as well as a technical sheet) before October 20th.


- Cover bands

- Individual musicians (drums/bass/guitar/synths): to join a new cover band and also to accompany an emerging pop artist

- DJs

- Magicians

- Clowns / street performers

- Sound and light technicians

- Dancers


- Jobs in live events


- Access to the Durbuy Music Studio in order to rehearse

- Professional performing conditions

- Guidance and supervision by our team

- Access to our network of organizers


Be an artist, a group of artists or a technician living in the region of Durbuy or surroundings (Durbuy, Marche, Namur, Arlon, Liege,... In a radius of approximately 100km around Durbuy).

Have previous experience


Be 18 years old or more

Send an application form

Join the family!


I'm applying as:

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Terms & conditions

To apply as a Durbuy Music Booking's partner, please verify that you check the following requirements :

- Must be an artist, a group of artists or a technician living less than 100km from Durbuy).

- Must have experience as a performer

- Must be over 18 years old

Thanks for your application!

We will review your profile and if you are selected, a meeting will be scheduled at the Durbuy Music Studio to get to know each other better! 

Ps: No exclusivity contract is foreseen, only dates from time to time according to the requests and availability of each of the partner artists.

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