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Genre: French Pop

(Durbuy, BE)


"Through her projects, Manou invites us to discover her questions, her doubts, her introspection. Her compositions are those of a woman who seeks to assert her place in a world where she has often felt left out. But thanks to her energetic music, she feels more confident, which she expresses on stage through spellbinding live performances.

Manou's approach to pop music is innovative, with Charli XCX, Kim Petras, Lolo Zouaï and James Blake as her main sources of inspiration. While all of these artists sing in English, she shares her stories in the language of Molière, which is mostly about love. Singing in French gives her the opportunity to create a singular atmosphere around her songs, which highlights the strengths of her writing.


After her first EP "La femme" that she defended on the Stages of the Botanique, the Ancienne Belgique and major festivals. She is now ready for the next step and is preparing a following EP centered around androgeinity, aging and all the questions of a woman living in the 21st century."



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