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Experience the magical wedding of Nature and Music with the Nature Sessions — an intimate concert where artists perform with a breathtaking landscape as their stage.


Come enjoy refreshing cocktails and savor local delicacies, while the freshest belgian artists perform for you.


This year's edition will be special, as it will be a label edition, showcasing exclusive performances by our own label's artists.

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Marvin Albert is a 21-year-old singer from Liege, whose voice will remind you of his influences: James Bay, Shawn Mendes, Dean Lewis, Matt Simons...

A few years ago, he didn't dare sing for anyone but himself, but his performance on "The Voice Belgique" as a member of Christophe Willem's team confirmed his potential as a singer.


Now armed with his own compositions, fruit of many collaborations, the singer is now ready to take the next step in his musical journey.

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Alice Spa blends playful electro-pop compositions with her melancholy pen, a duality sublimated by her crystalline voice. Her music is akin to modern-day lullabies. As a singer-songwriter, she draws inspiration from artists such as Yseult, Clara Luciani and Odezenne, and shares her intimate reflections on the world around her, finely revealing the questioning she goes through.


She allows us to delve into her thoughts without artifice, with personal, topical lyrics that she sings with a poetry all her own. That she is (too) often defined by gentleness? She's seized on this image to show us that not only has she mastered the contours of this adjective like no one else, but that she also relies on this attribute to speak openly about everything she feels. And it works.


  • Instagram Manou
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Le Manou, born as Manou Maerten, is an artist and producer from Durbuy, the smallest town in Belgium. After focusing on her work as a producer and sound engineer, She is back with her new EP and the promising single 'Palais des Glaces,'.


Following the successful release of her second EP "La Femme," which received significant airplay with singles like 'Perfection,' 'Boule Disco,' and 'Palmier,' and impressed audiences with performances at renowned venues such as Botanique, Ancienne Belgique, and major festivals, Le Manou is now ready for a new phase in her career where she remains true to her distinctive French pop sound but has increasingly incorporated influences from R&B.

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  • Spotify Mondingo
  • Instagram Mondingo

Mondingo is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in the woods of Durbuy (Belgium).

His music is a unique blend of melodic organic electronic pop, featuring his signature airy and emotional vocals that draw inspiration from nature. 

With a focus on creating a captivating sound that transports listeners to another world, Mondingo has worked with a variety of artists, songwriters, and producers over the years.


Dedicated to be representative of the future of the music and its industry, Durbuy Music is committed to offering an innovative and inclusive program. That's why the Nature Sessions are presenting fresh belgian talents and offer an equal programming between women and men

During the event, you'll discover a new way of listening to live music through the use of "Silent Disco" wireless headphones, which will connect you directly to the music.


Your vision will also be spoiled, thanks to an immersion in the heart of nature, where the birds singing and chirping will come to fill the musical gaps. 


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