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Our Story

Durbuy Music, founded in 2020, is an ambitious project with a multi-functional building that provides an  innovative environment, which inspires you to discover new visions

by leaving your personal habitat and finding a new one. 

Our rooms are perfectly soundproof and eases the entire process for an artist to work on their project. From writing a song from scratch, to creating a fully produced track and performing it live,

it all can be done within our walls.

Our team is always there to help you bring out the best of your own skills and creativity,

so come by to visit our studio’s today.

Our Team

Who We Are

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Manou Maerten

Producer / Vocalist / Sound Engineer / Songwriter

Manou obtained her master degree in music production in 2020 at the renomated Conservatory in Ghent.

Apart from singing and songwriting, she acquired further expertise in Ableton and vocal loaded pop music. 
Le Manou is her alter ego where she can express her own production style. Singing in French gives her the opportunity to create a wonderful atmosphere around her songs, which accentuates the strengths of her songwriting. 

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-07 om 20.50.45.

Domien Cnockaert

Producer / Musician / Beatmaker / Mixer / Sound Design / Sound Enigneer

Domien obtained his master degree in music production in 2019 at the renomated Conservatory in Ghent. Being an all round musician and beatmaker, he specialised himself in writing, recording, playing and mixing synth loaded pop music, as well as more electronic music.

Solo Projects: Mahler,  Mondingo

Musician references: Wwwater, Hooverphonic, Emma Bale, Ertebrekers, Le Manou